Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Benchmarking of EFM Services

The Brief

■  To provide the Trusts efm Manager with performance data of their services to enable decisions
    to be made about their future delivery / procurement.

CPA’s Methodology

■  CPA used a mix of benchmarking and comparative analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses
    in the efm services.

■  Efm services were compared across sites and with other Trusts. Data used was gleaned from CPA
    benchmarking exercises, Best Value Seminars, ERIC (NHS Central Returns) and Trust records.

■  CPA worked with Leeds Teaching Hospitals staff to refine and finalise final report findings.


■  The final report provided greater insight into the Trusts performance than had previously been
    achieved by numerical comparison exercises.

■  Each service was assessed for costs and quality and issues that related to the level of assessment
    were documented.

■  The report provided the Trust with a baseline of its efm performance and highlighted areas for
    performance and potential action plans for improvement.