The London Chest Hospital

The Effective Use of Hospital Space

The purpose of this discussion report was to document the potential benefits to the Barts Health NHS Trust of the deployment of a more effective approach to the management of the Trusts Hospital space.

The provision of space costs money to build, maintain and replace / update its component parts over its life-time. It even costs money to demolish. It is therefore an expensive commodity, both in capital and revenue terms.

An effective space management approach seeks to balance competing demands for space with the costs of its provision and the quality of a “fit-for-purpose” environment available for patients, visitors and staff.

Benefits from effective space management;

• Planned use of space leading to improved spatial relationships between functions, departments and sites

• Fit-for-purpose environments which can enable improved productivity

• Opportunities for cost reduction, through reduction in unit cost (less space) or improved utilisation rates

• Stronger links between capacity of space and demand for services

• Improved accuracy of cost of space by user group to assist SLR information